Campus News 08.29.2017

Hi All,

I hope that you are all staying dry and safe.  Our thoughts & prayers continue to go out to those most directly affected by Hurricane Harvey and the resulting flooding.  Due to this immense storm, RRISD has scheduled a two hour delay for all campuses.  Our campus will open for students at 9:10 and school will begin at 9:40.  Additionally, because of the unknown situation for our roads and community, we have postponed our parent information night for kindergarten and fifth grade scheduled for tomorrow.  Information will be shared as soon as the times have been rescheduled.

Morning Car Drop-off:

Although my original email celebrating our first week of school had been written to celebrate our new drop-off procedures and encourage you to use the left lane as well to exit on Lisi Ann, Harvey had a different plan!

Due to the rain, mud and flooding, we will use only the right lane to drop off students. After you have dropped off students, you may CAREFULLY move into the left lane if you wish to exit onto Lisi Ann.  

Even coming two hours later, I ask that you please continue the courtesy & patience that you have shown during the first week of school!  We are the Sommer Stallion Family!  Stay Safe!

Parent Information Night Schedule:

In order to ensure that the teachers have time to share information with you & answer questions as well as help to provide availability in parking, we have modified the times for the Parent Information Nights.  Please see below for the schedule.  Remember that the sessions will include both campus, grade level, and classroom information. Each session will be presented twice.  Choose the session(s) that work best for you.   In order to facilitate parking for everyone (especially with the potential rain), first session attendees should leave as soon as your classroom information is concluded, and second session attendees should not come too early, but within 10 minutes of the session start.  We truly appreciate your cooperation!

K, 1, 2, 3, 5 Session I:  5:00-5:45, Session II:  6:00-6:45

Monday, Aug. 28:  K & 5th Grades- Will be rescheduled due to weather

Tuesday, Aug. 29:  1st & 2nd Grades

Thursday, Aug. 31:  3rd Grade & TAG

Tuesday, Sept. 5:  4th Grade Session:  5:00-6:20

Celebrations & Information from First Week:

I still want to celebrate an AMAZING first week!  Everything went smoothly & our students quickly followed procedures.  They truly are awesome & we are so glad to have them back at school! Watch for the email coming tomorrow!

Thanks for ALL of your support!  #10YearsOneFamily