Campus News 02.20.2018

“It often requires more courage to dare to do right than to fear to do wrong.”
– Abraham Lincoln

I hope that you have had an enjoyable four day weekend with your family and friends. Our teachers and staff have been busy participating in professional learning. Yesterday, we spent the day exploring, experiencing and planning for the needs of our special populations including ELL and dyslexic students as well as those that struggle in some areas and those that excel. It was a great day in which we had a small opportunity to “walk in the shoes of our students” and implement strategies for success into our plans. Today, we are participating in district, team and individual options to meet our personal learning goals. Wonder about all of the cars…Patsy Sommer is hosting second and third grade teachers from across the district.

APEX United & Fun Run is Here!

We are super excited to kick off the APEX fun run school fundraiser this week. This program is not only a fundraiser, but an interactive program that teaches leadership, good character and fitness. The theme this year is UNITED! and students will participate in daily lessons throughout the next few weeks focusing the team “one family” characteristics : Unique, No Excuses, Inspire Others, Teachable, Empathize and Do Your Best. The program kicks off on Wednesday morning at 7:35 (get here early!) with an all school “pep rally” in the cafeteria. *Students should drop off backpacks at their rooms and then report directly to the cafeteria. It closes on March 1 with a fun run during all specials classes. Please see the attached flyer and our school website for information. Link: APEX Newsletter

Note: This is a direct school fundraiser…all money raised will support technology, flexible seating and the innovation station on our campus. 10% of each classroom’s donations will go directly back to support your child’s class.

School Safety & Security

The tragedy of last week has again brought together the hearts of our nation and school communities throughout the country. As we send our thoughts and prayers to those who were personally affected, I wanted to share with you the basics of our school and district safety plan. In addition to fire and tornado drills, we also hold regular lock down drills. During these drills, we practice procedures in the case of an intruder in the building. Procedures are in place for securing students whether they are in the classrooms or the hallways. Complete information on our emergency drills can be found on the district website: Link to Safety and Security.

I think a hero is any person really intent on making this a better place for all people.
-Maya Angelou

Developing World Class Leaders & Life-Long Learners

At Patsy Sommer, we believe our responsibility goes far beyond academics, but in developing future leaders who have empathy, strong character and compassion for others. Over the past few years, we have focused more on developing the social-emotional learning of our students. In each class,teachers focus on being safe, respectful, responsible and cooperative. In kindergarten, students practice social skills during “choice centers” where they spend time together in “intentional play”. First and second grade are implementing curriculum to directly teach social-emotional skills, and all students in every class meet in “family circles” in which they share personal celebrations as well as concerns or worries. Our counselors visit all classrooms teaching lessons on positive characteristics as well as focus on specific needs identified by the teacher. These skills are also reinforced through specials classes, during recess, Friday assemblies and after school activities. We are happy to welcome back our fabulous counselors Jessica Macre (full time) and Iben Dyke (on a part time basis)! We also see friendship in place through the use of our buddy bench at recess, the brainstorm of 3rd grader, Grant. Our goal is to ensure that our students grow up with self-confidence, a love for learning and a genuine concern for others. We are proud of our students as they model these characteristics as they work and play together throughout the day.

Flu Season & Perfect Attendance

Hopefully, we are seeing the end of the flu season, however viruses and sickness remain. I wanted to re-emphasize the importance of keeping your children home if they are sick. Coming to school truly does them no benefit when they do not feel well. They need to stay home and heal. Additionally, coming to school with the flu and sickness, has an impact on our campus as germs are spread throughout the day causing students, teachers and staff to become sick as well. Teachers are working hard to detour the germs, students are washing their hands throughout the day; but we need your help by keeping sick children at home until they are well. Due to the large number of absences and to encourage your sick child to stay home, absences will not count towards perfect attendance this nine weeks.

Change in Procedure

We love the support of our parents and volunteers and encourage you to come occasionally to eat lunch with your child. If a friend or other family would like to come to eat lunch with your child (without you), however, we ask that you please email your teacher at least 24 hours in advance to let them know. Visitors other than parents will not be allowed to visit your child at school without this advance notice. Thanks for your support!

Upcoming Dates:

Feb. 21 7:35 AM APEX Pep Rally-All students

Feb. 23 10:30 PTA Executive Board Meeting

Feb. 26 7:00 PM Reflections Awards Assembly at the PAC

Feb. 28 7:30 AM Bluebonnet Breakfast in Library for qualified students

Feb. 28 3:30 Site-Based Advisory Committee

March 1 APEX Fun Run during Specials times Volunteer Sign Up

March 3 UIL District Meet for qualified students

March 5 District-wide Career Fair

March 7 Kindergarten Round Up-Please share information with incoming kindergarteners…
Campus information/Sign published in two weeks.

March 9 Field Day Volunteer Sign Up

March 12-15 Spring Break

We are looking forward to having our students back on Wednesday! They truly are the BEST!