There are many opportunities for students to participate in extra-curricular activities around our campus. Some may meet during the school day, while others meet before or after school. Here is the list of clubs that are or soon will be available to students. Please note that some clubs have participation limits due to access to equipment or safe limits for classroom size. If you would like more information or details on a specific club please go to the club’s website and/or contact the adult who is leading the group.

If your child will be participating in any school clubs or enrichment at Patsy Sommer, please read the attached form and complete the online signature to confirm that you have read the Parent Expectations for School Clubs/Enrichment.

2018 – 2019 School Year

Art Club
What it is: Students will be using a variety of materials to discover more ways of creating art beyond what is seen in art class. Two clubs will be offered. In the Fall we will have Art Club for 2nd and 3rd and our Prop Shop/Empty Bowls in the Spring for 4th and 5th. Students in Art Club for 2nd-3rd will create art using 2D mediums including drawing, painting, and collage. Students in Prop Shop/Empty Bowls for 4th and 5th will be making props and art work for this years Musical as well as clay bowls that will be donated to the Round Rock Empty Bowls Celebration.

Who can join: (Prop Shop/Empty Bowls) 4th and 5th, (Art Club) 2nd and 3rd; 20 students will be selected

Meeting: Will be on Thursdays; 2:55-3:55 when the club is in session.

Contact: Keith Hernandez and Kyla Spady

Book Lunch Bunch
What it is: Based on reading preferences, fifth grade Book Lunch Bunch members meet once or twice a month on Wednesdays in the library during their lunch time to discuss books they have read or are currently reading. Groups and meeting dates will be determined after signups are complete.

Who can join: 5th Grade; 40 Students Max

Meeting: Wednesdays 10:35am – 11:15am

Contact: Chris Margocs, 512-704-0615

Stallion Readers Advisory
What it is: The Readers’ Advisory Group will discuss the state of our library collection and make suggestions for new materials, based on book awards, popular series, genres, and nonfiction needs.

Who can join: 1st – 5th grade; 4 Students per grade level

Meeting: October 11th, December 6th, February 21st, April 25th; 3-4 pm

Contact: Chris Margocs, 512-704-0615

Broadcast Club
What it is: KSTAR Morning News!

Who can join: 5th Graders, by application only during 4th grade

Meeting: All year, Monday – Thursday 7:15 in the library.

Contact: Danielle Jackson and Chris Margocs

Shelf Elf Club
What is it: The Shelf Elves will receive training on navigating the different sections of our library collection, using our online catalog, organizing our iPad apps and bookmarks, and shelving fiction and everybody books. They will be encouraged to help their classmates find materials during their regular library times.

Who Can Join: 3rd-5th Grade; 15 students total

Meeting: Thursday, 3:00-4:00pm

Contact: Chris Margocs

October 11th, December 6th, February 21st, April 25th.

Math Pentathlon
What it is: Interactive board games involving math concepts

Who can join: Kinder – 5th Grade

Cost: $5 towards club fees + and registration (~$40) of your child for the Math Pentathalon tournament. Detailed information will be communicated after registration closes.

New for 2018-2019:
Groups of 6-8 kids, belonging to the same grade, are coached by parent volunteers on appropriate games for each grade. Practice times & days are dependent on team manager’s availability.

The club will meet once a month for school-wide practices and mock tournaments.

Information Flyer
Registration for Math Pentathlon club for 2018-2019 will open on Thursday, Sep 13th and close on Wednesday, Sep 19th. All registrants will be accepted into the club, subject to restrictions from school authorities.

Registration link
Email for any questions

Stallion Animators Club
What it is:  Learn to animate using clay and iPads!

Who can join: 2nd-5th; 40 students max

Meeting: Will begin Tuesday, November 6th – April 30th

Contact: Danielle Jackson

Writing Club
What it is: 4th grade creative writing opportunity to publish an original piece of writing.

Who can join: 4th Grade; 16 students total (8 per session)

Meeting: Oct. 9- Nov 6th and Nov. 13th – Dec 11th; Tuesdays 3:05-3:45

Contact: Jennifer Fair and Jill Roberson

Singing Stars Choir
What it is: Music Enrichment

Who can join: 1st and 2nd Grade; 80 students max

Meeting: Will begin Tuesday, January -March 19th. 2:55 – 3:45

Contact: Lindsay Nelson and Ellen Blazek

Stallion Choir
What it is: Music Enrichment – Choral/Theater/Dance

Who can join: 3rd – 5th Grade

Meeting: All year, Thursdays 2:45 – 4:00, additional Spring Musical Rehearsals will be announced.

Contact: Lindsay Nelson and Ellen Blazek

Student Ambassadors
We are a leadership program here on our campus. The Student Ambassador program will provide opportunities to develop student leadership, human relations, and communication skills. Students make a commitment to lead by example, demonstrate responsibility, and respect and value diversity within our community.

Who can participate: This group is open to students in 3rd-5th grades this year. Approx 50 students will be chosen

Meeting Time: First Thursday of each month; 7:15am  – 7:30am

There is an application process which must be completed by you, your parents, and your classroom teacher.

Contact: Cameron Baker and Corianna Gagliardi

Student Ambassador Information

Student Council
What it is: Student Council classroom representatives will be elected by their classmates. Classroom representatives will be able to participate in different leadership opportunities around our school and community.

Who can join: 3rd, 4th, and 5th Graders who are elected by the student body.

Meeting: twice a month before school.

Contact: Jessica Macre, Stacey Daniel, and Amanda Williams

Destination Imagination
What is is: Destination Imagination (DI) is an international, educational program that gives kids an amazing outlet for their creativity, while teaching them leadership, teamwork, positive thinking, project management and so much more. Teams of 2 to 7 kids from 3rd grade through university level solve one of six open-ended Challenges (Scientific, Structural, Fine Arts, Service Learning, Improvisation, or Technical) in their own unique ways, and present their solutions at the Regional Tournament on February 18th. Teams also solve an on-the-spot Instant Challenge at the tournament, where they must think quickly on their feet and work together to solve a problem in around five minutes. There’s even a noncompetitive Rising Stars! category with a special Challenge for K-2nd grade. Winners advance to the Texas DI Tournament, and winners at the Texas DI Tournament move on to Global Finals to compete against more than 1,400 teams from around the world.

Who can join: Any student Kinder-5th. We have two categories within that though, K-2 is considered “Rising Stars!” and 3-5 is competitive.|

Meeting Times & Days are dependant on each team manager.

Contact: Sue Beardsley

2018-2019 DI Member Registration
2018-2019 New DI Manager/Team Registration


What it is: To tell a story, the participant must develop skills in listening, thinking and speaking. This contest also allows for the development of creative expression, something being given more attention in the professional world. Contestants in the second and third grades shall listen to a storyteller read a brief story (between 600 and 1100 words long) only once, and then retell that story in their own words before a judge or judges.

Who can join: 2nd and 3rd graders (Initially 12 per grade level will be selected. That number will be narrowed down to 3 per grade level)

Meeting: Oct 16, Oct 23, Oct 30, Nov 6, Nov 13, Nov 27, **Dec 4, *Dec 11, *Jan 15, *Jan 22 ** ; 3:10 – 4:00pm
* – only competition team attends

Contact: Shauna Langham

Ready Writing
What it is: a contest for students in grades 3, 4, and 5, builds upon those skills and helps students refine their writing abilities. In particular, this contest helps them to learn to write clearly and correctly a paper that is interesting and original. Contestants are given a choice between two prompts which defines the audience and provides the purpose for writing. Students should be encouraged to analyze the prompts for the purpose of writing, the format, the audience and the point of view. The format may be, for example, a letter, an article for the newspaper or an essay for the principal. Various writing strategies may be stated or implied in the prompt.

Who can join: 3rd-5th graders (8 per grade level)

Meeting: Dates TBD: 3:10 – 4:00pm

Contact: Jill Roberson and Jennifer Fair

Chess Puzzles
What it is: The benefits of chess are well documented for players of all ages, and especially for young people. Chess teaches problem solving, hones concentration and encourages analytical and strategic thinking. Chess can be a lifelong pursuit. Chess puzzle competition is very different from tournament chess play. Contestants in a chess puzzle contest receive a paper-and-pencil test that includes a series of chess boards with pieces in particular positions. Questions are based on analysis of material or possible moves in each given diagram. EXPERIENCED CHESS PLAYERS ONLY

Who can join: 2nd-5th graders (8 per grade level; later would be narrowed down to 3 per grade level)

Meeting: Oct 15, Oct 22, Oct 29, Nov 5, Nov 12, Nov 26, **Dec 3, *Dec 10, *Dec 17, *Jan 14** ; 3:10 – 4:00pm
**Only competition team will attend**

Contact: Vanessa Hampf

What it is: The spelling contest is designed to give students in grades 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 exposure to a wide variety of vocabulary words. It is not a contest of memorization. For the most educational value, preparation for this contest should include instruction in the rules of the English language, meanings and definitions, and root words. In addition to learning to spell proficiently, contestants will learn to write clearly and to capitalize words properly. Students will write down words given by the pronouncer on their paper at a rate of approximately five words per minute. (A) Grades 3 and 4: 50 words; tiebreaker, 15 words. (B) Grades 5 and 6: 80 words; tiebreaker, 20 words.

Who can join: 3rd-5th graders (8 per grade level; later would be narrowed down to 3 per grade level)

Meeting: Oct 16, Oct 23, Oct 30, Nov 6, Nov 13, Nov 27, **Dec 4, *Dec 11, *Jan 15, *Jan 22 ** ; 3:10 – 4:00pm
**Only Competition Team will attend**

Contact: Paige Frost

Oral Reading
What it is: Reading literature out loud provides opportunities for students to analyze the text, to grow and to develop as a performer, to communicate a message to an audience and to perform an artistic creation. Students in grades 4 and 5 read a selection of poetry. Each selection may be one poem, a cutting of a poem, or a combination of poems. The same selection may be read in all rounds, but different selections are permissible. Selections must be published although the poet may be unknown or anonymous.

Who can join: 4th-5th graders (12 per grade level; later would be narrowed down to 3 per grade level)

Meeting: Oct 11, Oct 18, Oct 25, Nov 1, Nov 8, Nov 29, **Dec 6, *Dec 13, *Jan 17, *Jan 24 * ; 3:10 – 4:00pm
**Only Competition Team will attend**

Contact: Cori Gagliardi and Therese Wafford

Music Memory
What it is:The focus of the Music Memory contest is an in-depth study of fine pieces of music literature taken from a wide spectrum of music genres to expose students to great composers, their lives and their music. Students will listen to approximately 20 seconds of up to 20 musical selections and identify the name of the major work, selection and the name of the composer.

Who can join: 3rd-5th graders (8 per grade level)

Meeting: Oct 16, Oct 23, Oct 30, Nov 6, Nov 13, Nov 27, **Dec 4, *Dec 11, *Jan 15, *Jan 22 ; 3:10 – 4:00pm
**Only Competition Team will attend**

Contact: Cori Gagliardi

Number Sense
What it is:Individuals are called upon every day to use their ability to make quick mental calculations to make decisions. The development of such abilities should be an integral part of the math curriculum. Concepts covered include, but are not limited to: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, proportions, and use of mathematics notation. Students will be given a 10-minute, fill-in-the-blank test which they must complete without doing calculations on paper or on a calculator. Erasures and mark-outs are not permitted.

Who can join: 4th-5th graders (12 per grade level)

Meeting: Oct 15, Oct 22, Oct 29, Nov 5, Nov 12, Nov 26, **Dec 3, *Dec 10, *Dec 17, *Jan 14** ; 3:10 – 4:00pm
**Only Competition Team will attend**

Contact: Jennifer Kuehne