Campus News 08.28.2017

Hi Everyone,

Just a very quick note with some updates.  I will follow up with more informational emails this week.  Then we should be down to just one informational update! I just did not want to overwhelm you!

It was so great to see all of our students coming in with a smile on their faces!  Although a close second, the sun coming out earlier today was a great sight as well!

Our teachers all spent a few moments in age appropriate discussion concerning the events of this weekend.  It was our goal to assure students that they are safe and cared for. Here is a part of the email I sent to teachers this morning:

Today may be a difficult day for some.  Our students will come with questions concerning the hurricane, concerns for those affected, and possibly fears for their safety.  Be real, but age appropriate.  Spend as long or as short a necessary for your specific class, but remind them that we have a job to do today and that is to learn.  Reassure them that they are safe.  Although damage may be done to yards or homes, there is still stability through the protection of their families, their teachers, and their schools.

Traffic went well today, however we are excited to return to using the two lanes tomorrow morning for student drop-off.  Use the left lane if you are exiting onto Lisi Ann and the right lane if you are exiting onto Avery Ranch Blvd.  PLEASE follow safety rules while driving through our school lot.  The posted speed limit is 5mph and cell phone use is prohibited by law.  Help us to keep our students, parents, & staff safe!

We have had several calls into the City of Austin in reference to the school zone light.  They came out on Friday & thought they had fixed it.  They were due out again this afternoon.  If it is not working in the morning, please help us by calling 311.

Tonight’s Parent Information Night for Kindergarten & Fifth Grade was rescheduled for next Wednesday, September 6.  Please see below for further information on parent information meetings.  These meetings are for parents only so that we can help you to participate fully.

Parent Information Night Schedule:

In order to ensure that the teachers have time to share information with you & answer questions as well as help to provide availability in parking, we have modified the times for the Parent Information Nights.  Please see below for the schedule.  Remember that the sessions will include both campus, grade level, and classroom information. Each session will be presented twice.  Choose the session(s) that work best for you.   In order to facilitate parking for everyone (especially with the potential rain), first session attendees should leave as soon as your classroom information is concluded, and second session attendees should not come too early, but within 10 minutes of the session start.  We truly appreciate your cooperation!

K, 1, 2, 3, 5 Session I:  5:00-5:45, Session II:  6:00-6:45

Tuesday, Aug. 29:  1st & 2nd Grades

Thursday, Aug. 31:  3rd Grade & TAG

Wednesday, Sept. 6:  Kinder & 5th Grade

Tuesday, Sept. 5:  4th Grade Session:  5:00-6:20