PTA News 12.06.2017

Multicultural Committee:
Visit the country of South Korea in East Asia this month! Special thanks to our Sommer parent Eun Ji Kim and her family for sharing some South Korean artifacts and educational information on this fascinating country. 고맙습니다 (gomabseubnida) – Thank you!

Also our heartiest congratulations to Irene Patrick. Her music composition – “The funny Savannah hunt” has been selected for the state – way to go stallions!

Looking forward to seeing you at the awards ceremony on December 8th, 2017.

Spelling Bee:
We have some buzzing news to announce about the spelling bee. At the beginning of this month, we had our initial class spelling bee rounds. In second and third grade, we had one winner for each class. Congratulations to the following Class Champions:

Second grade:
Lark Powell, Akshera Vinothkumar, Rushil Malhotra, Diya Venkataragavan, Greeshma Sanil, Andrew Karnes, Sameer Abdul, Olivia Wang, Riya Sthanumoorthy, Nathan Stedman

Third grade:
Aman Dave, Aryan Sinha, Joshua Lam, Neha Vijay, Reese Bradshaw, Riya Arunachalam, Siyumi Sirisooriya, Surya Arunkumar, Vishnu Nonavenakere

The top three spellers from 4th and 5th grade were selected to participate in the school spelling bee semi-finals. Special thanks to Mrs. Margocs who helped us conduct that round. The winners from the semi-finals made it to our Spelling Bee finals on Nov 28th. Special thanks to Mrs. Daniel who was our pronouncer and Mrs. Ashby and Mrs. Satterwhite who were our judges for that night. We had such good spellers that our spelling bee ran for a record 22 rounds (a new record for our school).

Congratulations to the following Spelling Bee finalists:

Fourth grade
Fatimah Sajid, Anika Aslesh, Sanjana Aslesh, Arnav Kalva, Ankitha Garga, Zaeem Alam, Danita Fenil, Niketh Raghu, Arnav Chinnappareddy, Mohit Mukkollu, Praneel Hurry

Fifth grade
Gautham Sani, Saideep Katragadda, Daxton Louk, Annabella Farley, Kedar Panchal, Anuj Bhatt, Nila Arunkumar, Emily Lam, Nishka Pai, Jasmine Lee, Aditya Dhavala,

At the end of the spelling bee finals, our top three spellers were

Gautham Sanil – First place
Zaeem Alam – second place
Nila Arunkumar – third place

Our school spelling bee champion and moving on to represent us at the district spelling bee is fifth grader, Gautham Sanil!! CONGRATULATIONS and GOOD LUCK to him!

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