PTA News 07.09.2018

Dear fellow Stallions and  Stallion Parents,

 “Saving the Earth starts in the cafeteria”

As a part of our DI ( destination imagination) project, last Friday, my friends and I measured 200 lbs of food wasted in the cafeteria! There were also unopened packages of food and drinks like 38 packs of milk, 40 packages of juice, unopened muffins, energy bars, pop tarts and water bottles that we rescued from going into the trash. 

200lbs per day equals to approximately 800 slices of pizza in the trash or $800 in the trash. That’s a lot!!

Our goal is to create awareness among our fellow stallions and make them a part of our mission in trying to reduce food waste in our school cafeteria.

Food in the trash ends up going to the landfills and releases methane into the atmosphere which contributes to air pollution. Methane is 25% more potent than carbon dioxide .This leads to global warming. Also, wasting food is wasting money,time,effort & resources.

Here is how you can help at the school cafeteria:

1.Take What you eat & eat what you take.Think before you take and don’t take before you think. 

2.Save your unopened food for later so that it does not go in the trash can .

3.There are a lot of hungry people in the world ,so we should share our valuable gift of food with them. 

We are also working with Mrs.Varljen on some other possibilities for handling food waste at school and we will keep you’ll updated!

Next time be sure to not waste your food!

Parents please talk to your kids about this and thank you for reading this and have a nice day.



Aman, Anisha,Neel, Nihar&Varun

DI team “DIY monsters”

News from PTA:

Prices increase February 1st – Order now for the lowest price of the year.
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We want YOUR pictures for the yearbook!
Specifically we need pictures of the following:
Sommer Events: Passport to Candyland, Spelling Bee, Winter Parties, recess, lunch, PBL presentations, field trips, etc.
End of year pictures from last year (k-4th graders only please): choir performances, talent show, end of year parties, etc.
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Staff Appreciation:
Thank you to all who donated treats for the winter coffee cart before the holidays! They were all very much enjoyed and appreciated!  The staff was also given cozy, winter socks from the PTA!