Campus News 02.06.2018

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela


The days continue to be busy for the Sommer Stallion family. We have a multitude of events and activities happening all around campus. As winter continues to be a cold one this year, our custodial staff and teachers are working hard every day to keep our classrooms and common areas as clean and germ-free as possible.

 Staying Healthy: It is flu season! The flu is highly contagious, is typically spread by mouth, nose, or eyes and can also be airborne and inhaled by those nearby.  Most people are contagious for one day prior to showing symptoms and up to five days after they become sick. It is easy to mistake the flu with just a cold or feeling poorly, but it is important to recognize symptoms that may be present if your child has the flu virus. You do not need all of these symptoms for a positive test result. If your student has a fever and any of these symptoms, it is recommended that you see your doctor.

The most common flu symptoms include:

● Fever

● Headache

● Muscle aches/Body Aches

● Chills

● Extreme tiredness

● Dry Cough

● Sore Throat

● Stomach symptoms, such as vomiting, and diarrhea, may also occur.

If your child is out sick with a fever, we would certainly appreciate it if you would contact the school and let us know a doctor’s diagnosis if you have one.  Also, remember that your child must be fever free (under 100) for 24 hours (without the use of Tylenol!) to return to school.  Thank you for your help!

Movie Night:

Due to the large number of students and families with the flu, movie night has been cancelled for this week. Stay tuned for reschedule information.

 APEX fun run:

Apex Fun Run is coming to our school Wednesday, February 21st with the culminating event Thursday, March 1!! We are so excited to tell you about our only major school sponsored fundraiser this year, the Apex Fun Run!  Apex Fun Run is a local company and will be on campus for two weeks teaching our students about leadership and fitness. During the Apex Fun Run, students will be challenged to get pledges for the laps they will run on Fun Run day.  Funds raised this year will be used to pay for innovations across campus. More information will be coming soon as we fine tune the specifics needs for our school.  Please look for more info about the program and ways to support our school as we get closer to the event. *Note-this activity is not sponsored by our PTA.

 \Career Exploration-Career Exploration Fair:

Round Rock Independent School District (ISD) is excited to host our 1st Annual District-wide Career Exploration Fair. Our vision for this event is to provide an opportunity for students in grades K-12, with their parents, to explore the various careers that await them in their future. Research shows that when asked, students can name a basic list of occupations; however, our goal as educators is to broaden the horizons of the next generation by promoting an atmosphere in which they can explore and gain the knowledge of the vast array of careers available to them. We believe that if we start early with connecting future job seekers with potential employers, we can feel confident that every child in the district has the opportunity to gain the knowledge, skills, and the confidence they need to ensure successful futures.  For Round Rock ISD to succeed in creating this atmosphere for our students, we need business partners like you to join us on March 5, 2018 at Round Rock High School from 6pm-8pm (set up begins at 5pm). If you would be willing to host a free booth, at our 1st Annual District-wide Career Exploration Fair, please complete the brief registration form using the link below. We desire for this fair to be an exploratory event for our students and ask that, if possible, you bring items that allow the students to engage in a hands-on experience of your career field. We look forward to your participation in our fair. If you have any questions, feel free to contact LaShanda Lewis, Coordinator of Counseling Services for Round Rock ISD at 512-464-6177.

Registration Link: 1st Annual Round Rock ISD District-wide Career Exploration Fair


 Upcoming Events:

  • Feb.7 100th day of school…feel free to dress up for the occasion!

  • Feb. 7 Global School Play Day

  • Feb, 7 3rd grade STAAR Ready Reading

  • Feb. 8-13 Spring Book Fair

  • Feb. 12 District Reflections Celebration PAC

  • Feb. 15 Green Apple Savings Day

  • Feb. 16 Six Flags Read To Succeed Reading Logs due

  • Feb. 16 Friday Assembly Grades 3-5

  • Feb. 19, 20 Student Holidays, Staff Professional Learning

  • Feb. 21-March 1  Apex Fun Run

  • Feb. 23 PTA Executive Board Mtg

  • Feb. 27 5th-STAAR Ready Science

  • March 3 UIL District Meet

  • March 6 3rd Grade Economics Fair

  • March 9 Field Day

  • March 12-16 Spring Break