Campus News 08.15.2018

Hi All,

It was awesome to see everyone last night at Meet the Teacher!  All of our teachers and staff were excited this morning and are ready to begin our year tomorrow!  This year, our motto is Imagine EMPOWER Innovate.  We look forward to another fabulous year as we Inspire and Empower World Class Leaders and Life-Long Learners!

Please take a few minutes this evening to read through this lengthy email and review the information at this Link:  Parent Handbook which contains important information about communication, traffic flow and school procedures.

Sommer Success Hedges:

This year one of our campus focuses is achieving balance by taking care of not only our students, but ourselves as well.  In order to do that, I am asking our teachers to put some boundaries or “Success Hedges” in place to ensure that they are present when at home with their families and take time for self care.  We hope that you will help us in this area by understanding the following:

  • If you need to contact the teacher with a question or concern, please email them or leave them a message.  They will not be able to speak to you during the day as they are working with your children. Although our goal is 24, please allow up to 48 hours for a response.

  • Teachers should not respond to emails after they leave work.  Many have families that require and deserve their attending in the evenings.

  • Please follow campus guidelines for visiting classrooms.  

    • Set up a visit with the teacher ahead of time.  Visits should be no longer than 45 minutes two times a week.

    • Do not just “run by the classroom” when dropping off lunch, volunteering or substituting.  This disrupts learning for your child and the others within the classroom.

    • Watch D.O.G.S. should follow their schedule and participate as a positive role model for all students.

  • We love you, but I am asking teachers not to share their personal phone numbers.  Please help them to keep their home time for their families, friends and personal care.

  • We are asking that all teachers follow the Success Hedges for the campus and team.  Please help me monitor their success by supporting these guidelines for our teachers.  Healthy Teachers make Happy & Healthy Stallions!!


At Patsy Sommer, we pride ourselves on not only having high academic expectations, but on truly educating the whole child and empowering world class leaders and life-long learners.  We do this by providing a number of activities that develop fitness, fine arts, leadership, character, critical thinking, communication, creativity and collaboration.  More information will be shared concerning enrichment activities offered during the day and after school soon.  Today, however, we celebrate our academic success.  If you have not had the chance, check out the school and district information on the TEA website.

I’ll check in tomorrow with information about our upcoming Parent Information nights and celebrations from our first day of school.

Tomorrow will be very busy!!  Please plan on there being a lot of traffic.  (You may walk your children into class tomorrow only).  Be patient. Be courteous. Be kind.  When parking in the neighborhood, avoid blocking driveways and parking in front of fire hydrants!

Together, we will make this another GREAT year!

See you in the morning!!